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Professional Help

Our company specializes in any type of business accounting, standard bookkeeping, non-profitable accounting as well as any other fiscal management matter!

Taxing Expertise

Besides regular accounting affairs, we are also experts in everything related to the taxing. Whichever the size or a niche of your business is…

SMB-centric Care

We figured that small and medium businesses are least covered with an in-house accounting personnel. We will help you make it right, taking control over your books!

Experienced Team

If you take a combined overall experience that all accountants on our team have, it will account to more than 200 years!


Jerry Robinson

Jerry Robinson


Mr. Robinson has a long, to be exact a 25 years long career in the bookkeeping industry, being a renown chartered accountant since 1992. He founded this company with one goal in mind – help SMBs with any fiscal matters!
Joseph Wade

Joseph Wade


Before joining our team, Mr. Wade was working at Horgan Stanley, managing huge amounts of financial data and climbing up the ladder to a position of a deputy CFO… His skills and knowledge are vital for all of our accounting operations!

Mike Long

Mike Long


When Mike came to us the first time (which was 15 years ago), we turned him down. Since then he became a CFO for a Nihe company. So when he decided to try his luck with us again, we were more than willing to hire him and acquire his extensive knowledge!
Brian Benson

Brian Benson


Working for a multitude of different accounting companies before, a few years ago Mr. Benson decided to join our team. He made this decision because of how big our clientele list has gotten to be and how varying the fields we work in are!


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Working With Us

I am not sure if it is possible for me to sort through all my yearly accounting data. That is why, when I approach the end-of-the-year reports time, I hire these diligent and thorough professionals!

John Hancock

SBA Papanui Franchisee

To make sense of all the fiscal stuff of all sorts and not to get into any trouble with the IRS, I hire these accountants each time. They help me work it all out in no time!

Rita King

Wanganui Franchisee

We’re a mid-sized biz and just never had a full-time accountant. Luckily that is not necessary for us anymore, as each time we need one we can contact these guys and call them in!

Rob Lowe

SBA Kilbirnie